The Pinmar Golf 2019

GYG CEO Remy Millott outlines what the industry can expect from one of its most popular and worthwhile events.

Last year, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Pinmar Golf and in doing so passed €1 million in funds raised for the various local and industry charities that we support – a tremendous achievement of which we are very proud. Not wishing to rest on our laurels, the team is already well advanced in the planning of the 31st Pinmar Golf Tournament with a passion that remains just as strong as it was when we started back in 1989. Our objectives haven’t changed; we still want to bring together the superyacht community at the end of the summer season for a few days of sport, entertainment, informal networking and charitable fundraising.

Over the past 30 years, Pinmar as a company has evolved from a local yacht painting company to become part of a global public company; likewise, The Pinmar Golf has developed from a small local tournament into a much larger international industry event. During this time, we have changed courses and venues as well as making adjustments to the format to keep it fresh. However, we have always been mindful of the need to preserve the underlying ethos of the event – the collective, the coming together to socialise and do some good for the community in which we all live and work.

Some people love change, relishing the opportunity to innovate and try new things, while others are more traditional and like the familiarity of the status quo. Pinmar has always been a pioneering company; it’s in our DNA to constantly challenge ourselves, to set stretching targets and to find new ways of achieving them. It’s no different with ‘The Golf’; each year we set ourselves new challenges to improve the event and raise more money for our deserving charities.

This year, I have challenged the team to find ways of making the event work harder for Pinmar and our event partners; to make it more inclusive and entertaining for playing and non-playing guests alike; and, most importantly, to raise more money in support of our charities. I’ve set an agenda that calls for more engagement from the new-build yards and design community so that we create a better balance between the refit and new-build sectors. I have also asked Pinmar Supply, our yacht chandlery and supply business, to reach out to their product suppliers because I believe their participation will add value to the event.

While I believe we already have the biggest golf tournament in the industry, I would like to see a continued enhancement of the golfing experience for those who come to play and compete. There’s no doubt that the quality of our entertainment is second to none, but I’d like an expanded social programme for non-golfers to offer even more reasons to bring industry guests to Mallorca.

In the same way that we needed the support of our partners and industry colleagues to organise the first event, we are dependent upon the support of our customers, partners and industry colleagues to deliver an event of the size and quality of The Pinmar Golf 2019. We are enormously proud to be able to count on the support of more than 75 sponsors, many of whom have been with us for 30 years. We are delighted that several of our long-standing sponsors have already reconfirmed their support for the 2019 event and we look forward to welcoming new sponsors.

Whether it’s the first time you are involved with the event or your 30th, and irrespective of the level of your sponsorship, your support is hugely valued and you can be assured that we will do everything we can to make your association with The Pinmar Golf work as effectively as possible for you. We are also excited to introduce a range of new sponsorship and hospitality packages for 2019 aimed at providing more opportunities for new companies and making it easier to use The Pinmar Golf as an opportunity to entertain your customers and industry colleagues.

Most importantly, I’d love to see more yacht crews getting involved at The Golf. This industry has always been driven by relationships and that’s one aspect that I don’t think will be changing any time soon. We’re in a service industry and people like to know the people they are dealing with. Trust and confidence are fundamental ingredients of a successful business relationship and they can’t always be established in an office; sometimes you need to spend some time with the people you are dealing with in a more relaxed social environment.

You don’t have to be an avid golfer to enjoy the Pinmar event; with the expanded social agenda over three days, there’s plenty of fun to be had and interesting people to meet. Our new yacht hospitality packages make it easier and more affordable for captains to invite the crew to join them at the Gala Dinner and After Party. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the end of a hard season.