GYG in the community

“Dual Occupational Education Program” by the Education Council of the Balearic Islands

Since 2017, GYG has been participating in the ‘Dual Occupational Training Program’ in cooperation with the Education Council of the Balearic Islands and the Education Centre “Jovent”. The program is provided to young people currently in unemployment and without specific training as a tool to facilitate their reinsertion back into the working world.

During the year-long program the young participants are hired by GYG, where they learn new skills and apply the knowledge that they acquire in the training centre, as well as gaining valuable experience in a working environment. Each of these young people has a company tutor who is responsible for ensuring the correct development of the student within the company.

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Program “Fem ocupació per a Joves” by the IMET and the Vilanova City Council

Over the last few years, GYG has collaborated with the ‘Fem ocupació per a Joves’ program, promoted by the Public Occupation Service of Catalonia and the Spanish Ministry of Occupation and Social Security; hiring unemployed young people who have completed a training program, making it possible for a significant number of young people to enter the working world.

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Curricular and extra-curricular practices

At GYG we collaborate closely with various education centres in the Balearic Islands, incorporating young students in internships in our company, facilitating their learning and insertion into the working world.

Some of the centres we collaborate with are:

IES Son Pacs
IES Politécnic
Col. legi Sant Josep Obrer
University of the Balearic Islands

Charity Fundraising

Pinmar has a thirty-year history of charitable fund-raising primarily through its annual golf event. The Pinmar Golf, having come to an end in 2019 after its 31st year, became one of the largest and most important social events in the superyacht calendar bringing together 800 yacht captains and senior industry executives from across the globe to Mallorca each October. In its lifetime the Pinmar Golf event raised over €1 million which has been distributed to a range of local, industry and environmental charities. For more information please visit:


Pinmar supports the Blue Marine Foundation through its charitable fund-raising and is aligned to its goal of placing 10% of the world’s oceans under protection by 2020 and 30% by 2030. Pinmar is working with Blue Marine to expand their Mediterranean portfolio and to help drive awareness within the superyacht community. For more information please visit

Pinmar is also proud to support: