About GYG

GYG has pioneered many of the innovations and methodologies associated with superyacht painting and is recognised as the most technically advanced applicator in the industry. GYG’s operations can be divided into three key markets:

New Build - the fairing and painting of new superyachts as part of the construction process

The exterior finish of a superyacht is a key part of the construction process ensuring the physical integrity and performance of its hull and super structures whilst being fundamental to the aesthetics of the finished yacht. GYG’s businesses have been responsible for the painting and finishing on many of the world’s largest and most iconic yachts.

GYG’s highly developed production methodologies are designed to synchronise with those of the shipyard and other sub-contractors to ensure maximum speed, efficiency and control during each project. Pinmar is now established as one of the leading paint applicators in the industry and enjoys a privileged position as a preferred paint contractor to several of the largest and most prestigious shipyards in Northern Europe.

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Refit - the repainting and finishing of superyachts normally as part of a refitting programme

Superyachts require a major Refit inspection and service every five years to comply with maritime, insurance and industry regulations. Consequently, owners often use the major service periods as an opportunity for re-painting their superyachts due to significant cost savings and schedule synergies by combining such activities.

Owners typically undertake an annual haul out and general maintenance to remain ahead of the service intervals and to keep the vessels in optimum condition. GYG has unrivalled experience in the superyacht Refit market having painted more yachts over 30m than any other company. Today it focuses on the 40m+ market where the scale and complexities of completing a major Refit project in a short window are significant.

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Supply - the sale and delivery of maintenance materials, consumables, spare parts and equipment for the care and operation of superyachts

Based in Spain with the ability to serve clients anywhere in the world, Pinmar Yacht Supply offers a comprehensive selection of marine products to the trade, retail customers and direct provisioning to superyachts worldwide.

Retail Division Through its fixed and mobile retail outlets in Palma and Barcelona and its retail partner network, Pinmar Yacht Supply offers an extensive range of marine brands to superyachts and the supporting marine service industry.

Global Supply Team Superyachts’ requirement for a reliable and efficient supply service remains constant wherever the location. Pinmar Yacht Supply’s global team service this need by organising the logistics of shipping goods to anywhere in the world.

Trade Distribution Pinmar Yacht Supply is one of the principal distributors in Spain for Akzo Nobel marine paint brands and other major product manufacturers. Through the buying power created by the scale of the GYG Group, Pinmar Yacht Supply can negotiate favourable rates on core product lines.

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